Trump Ignores Fallen Heroes In Memorial Day Impeachment Rant

Trump offered no personal message to the families of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country but spent Memorial Day ranting about impeachment.

Trump ignores America’s fallen heroes on Memorial Day

Trump tweeted:



The White House staff realized that the President Of The United States was going to ignore Memorial Day, so they retweeted a video from the White House account, and an image of Trump visiting Arlington National Cemetary to Trump’s personal account hours after his initial tweets.

Trump doesn’t care about his role as a presidential leader. It is impossible for a man with no moral compass or ability to relate to others to put the nation ahead of his petty political tantrums. Even while in Japan, Trump remains obsessed with impeachment. He almost seems desperate for the impeachment fight. Trump is a president who needs to feel victimized at all times while craving validation and praise.


Through his words and deeds, Trump has shown that he has no interest in being a real president.

Trying to get him to make one day about the sacrifices of others is too big of an ask from such a small man.

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