Biden Waits For Trump To Land In The US Then Destroys Him For Siding With N. Korea

Biden waited for Air Force One to touch down on US soil and then unloaded on the president for siding with Kim Jong-un in attacking the former vice president.

Joe Biden delivers the perfect response to Trump siding with Kim Jong-un

The Biden campaign said in a statement, “The President’s comments are beneath the dignity of the office. To be on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator against a fellow American and former Vice President speaks for itself.”

Biden’s response was perfect. The former vice president showed dignity and respect for the presidency that has been missing since Trump was elected. His response highlighted Trump’s biggest weakness, which is his lack of character, and established Joe Biden as the defender of American democracy and values that are under attack from Donald Trump.
Joe Biden isn’t going to get into Trump’s social media slap fights. He is also not going to let Trump dictate the timing of conversations. Trump is used to popping off and placing his opponents on the defensive. Trump is erratic and impulsive. Joe Biden’s campaign appears to be more surgical and patient. The Biden campaign is doing something that has never been done with Trump before.

They aren’t letting the president hijack the conversation. They respond on their terms, and their response always contains the message that it is time for America to do better and return to normal.

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