Franklin Graham Calls For Day Of Prayer So Jesus Will Help Trump

Franklin Graham is calling for a special day of prayer because Jesus is Trump’s last hope to save his presidency.

Fraklin Graham wants Jesus to bail Trump out of trouble

Graham posted on social media:

Graham’s “special day of prayer” is an effort to hold Trump’s base together. The far right is in a panic, because the Trump presidency is melting away and Trump has been very good for their agenda. Under Trump, transgender persons have lost rights, a woman’s right to choose is under assault, and this administration has been trying to allow churches to function as dark money political groups in elections.

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Trump is about as religious as the socks on your feet. Trump doesn’t have a Jesus problem. He has a crime and corruption crisis. Trump is the opposite of everything that Jesus stands for, and if he wasn’t already going to hell for his fake for profit religion, Franklin Graham would surely have punched his ticket by linking Jesus Christ and Donald Trump.

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