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Justin Amash Gets Standing Ovation At Town Hall After Supporting Trump Impeachment

The audience at Rep. Justin Amash’s first town hall after coming out in support of Trump impeachment thanked him and gave him a standing ovation.

Here was the scene:

NBC News reported, “I do want to set the scene here. Of course, this is his first town hall since he came out with the statements regarding impeachment and setting the scene, there’s a crowd of about 750 people filled up this auditorium. And when he walked in wearing casual clothes, he got a standing ovation. The crowd clapped and rose to their feet. However, I do want to say, talking to some of these voters, some of his constituents before this town hall, there are some Democrats who came who said they wanted to support the congressman. They’re proud of what he said. And then there are some Republicans who want to hear him out.”


If Trump has eyes on primarying and beating Justin Amash in 2020, he may be disappointed. Rep. Amash has beaten back primary challenges before, and what should worry the White House is the reception that Amash received from a district that is Republican and conservative. Amash might be a unique case in that he may be so personally popular in the district that it might not matter if Trump tries to oust him, but the larger point is that when Justin Amash stood before the voters in his district after making the case for impeaching the Republican president, he wasn’t run out of town on a rail, as Trump had hoped.

Justin Amash is being applauded for his courage, while Donald Trump is hiding out on Twitter obsessing over impeachment.

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