Kamala Harris Calls For The Prosecution Of Trump After He Leaves Office

Sen. Kamala Harris said during a town hall that she supports prosecuting Donald Trump and members of his administration after they leave office.

Kamala Harris Supports Prosecuting Trump After He Leaves Office

Harris was asked during an MSNBC town hall if she supported prosecuting Trump and members of his administration after they left office.

The Democratic presidential candidate answered:

You know, I’ve read the Mueller report and they outline in that report, and it was a team of some of the best career people in the department of justice who were a part of that, career people who had been in the department of justice. There are at least ten separate instances of obstruction of justice. I am also clear from reading what he wrote in that report that the only reason they did not return an indictment against this president on obstruction of justice is because of an opinion from the department of justice that suggests that you cannot indict a sitting president.

But there is no question that the evidence supports a prosecution of that case. So taking it to the point of your next question, absolutely. Listen, I believe that there needs to be transparency, there needs to be accountability. There is a clear track record of this president and members of his administration obstructing justice. Not to mention what we have seen from the current attorney general of the United States, who I questioned in connection with the judiciary committee, who clearly thinks his job is to represent the president and his peculiar interests as opposed to representing the people of the country in which we live. So there is a lot of work to do and I plan on seeing it through.


The phrase upholding the rule of law is used by those who support impeachment, but there is no better way to uphold the law than to prosecute criminals once they are no longer protected by the office that they hold. A prosecution of Trump in 2021 for obstruction of justice would send the message to any future president who thinks that they can hide behind the presidency that they are not above the law, and they will face prosecution.

Trump better hope that Kamala Harris isn’t in the White House in 2021, because if she is, he is going to be in a world of legal hurt.

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