Terrible News For Trump As Americans Aren’t Buying His China Pays Tariffs Lie

A new poll shows that by a margin of 62%-23% Americans believe that US companies, not China, pay for Trump’s tariffs.

The American people aren’t buying what Trump is selling on tariffs

A new Monmouth University poll found:

Most Americans (62%) feel that U.S. consumers will bear the brunt of paying for new tariffs on Chinese goods. Just 23% say that Chinese producers will bear more of these costs. Likewise, 62% believe it is very likely that American companies which sell goods or use materials made in China will simply pass those costs onto domestic consumers. Another 24% say this is somewhat likely to happen and just 8% feel it is not likely. Only 24%, on the other hand, feel it is very likely that U.S. companies will bring the manufacture of these products back to the U.S. as a result of the tariffs, while 35% say this is somewhat likely to happen and 33% say it is not likely. More than 6-in-10 Americans are either very (34%) or somewhat (28%) concerned that their local economy will be hurt from a trade war with China. Just over one-third are either not too (19%) or not at all (17%) concerned about this possibility.

Regarding Trump’s policy of imposing tariffs on products imported from our trading partners in general, more Americans say this hurts (47%) rather than helps (25%) the U.S. economy. Another 7% say this has no impact and 21% are unsure. This view is more negative than public opinion last year after the president first introduced his tariff plan. Last June, 40% expected the tariffs would hurt the U.S. economy and 25% said they would help, with 7% expecting no impact and 27% being unsure.

47% of Americans think that Trump’s tariffs are hurting the economy, while 25% believe that they are helping.

Trump’s China Pays Tariff Lie Isn’t Working

Trump keeps repeating that China is paying for his tariffs, but the American people aren’t falling for it. Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, admitted that China isn’t paying, but that hasn’t stopped Trump from bragging about the big money that China is paying to the US in tariffs.

Trump has gone as far as to claim that the Chinese are paying for his $16 billion in trade war aid to farmers who are being hurt by his policies, which is not true

The American people know who is paying because they see the rising prices.

Trump doesn’t understand how tariffs work, but the American people do, and if the damage continues, Trump will be one paying in the voting booth in 2020.

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