Trump’s Attacks Show That He, Not Biden, Is The Real ‘Low IQ Idiot’ Running For President

If we’ve learned anything over the past four years that Donald Trump has been in the political arena, it’s that his petty attacks on his opponents always say more about him than anyone else.

His latest attacks on former vice president Joe Biden – attacks he made on foreign soil and continued at home on Tuesday – are just the latest example of this dynamic.

As New York Times columnist Bret Stevens said during a discussion on MSNBC on Tuesday, Trump’s attacks on Biden seem to indicate that the president is worried about his own intellect, so he is projecting.

“When you fear that you are yourself a low IQ individual, you claim it of your enemy or your opponent,” Stevens said.


Stevens said:

I think the psychological term of art, Chris, is projection. When you fear that you are yourself a low IQ individual, you claim it of your enemy or your opponent. … I would say it’s unprecedented in American history. I was thinking over presidents in the 19th century going back to the 18th. And the idea that an American president would openly side with a psychotic or certainly murderous dictator against an honorable opponent, whatever else you say of Joe Biden and a fellow American, is absolutely astonishing.

Trump is the projector-in-chief

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump frequently hit Hillary Clinton with attacks and criticisms that would more appropriately describe his presidency.

He attacked her for using a personal email account, while he and his family have used unsecured cell phones and private emails since taking power.

Trump claimed a Clinton presidency would be filled with scandal and investigation, and now the American people are living through the most scandalous and corrupt administration in history.

He frequently attacked Clinton for not having the stamina or energy to be commander-in-chief, but Trump spends more time watching TV and tweeting than he does actually working.

Time and again, Donald Trump attacks his opponents using language and criticism that would apply to his own shortcomings as a president and a human being.

In this case, the real “low IQ idiot” isn’t Joe Biden, who has served his country honorably for decades. It’s Donald Trump, a man who seems proud of how intellectually bankrupt he is.

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