Democrats Were Not Told In Advance That Mueller Would Be Speaking

The DOJ did not give the chairs of House Democratic committees a head’s up that Robert Mueller would be making a statement.

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell reported, “I have been working sources, and so far of the key committees, I heard back from democratic aides who say they were not given a heads up beyond the notification from the justice department that went out publicly. Because, of course, the administration is Republican and the Department of Justice is run by Republicans, I’m waiting to hear from Republican members to see if they got a heads up. So, it is interesting. This might be something that is just within the executive branch in terms of the notification. Doj, to the White House and that members of Congress are sort of watching this like the rest of one aide described it that way.”


Mueller is still working for DOJ

It is being reported that Mueller will make a substantial statement. Since he is still working for the DOJ, and he is appearing at a DOJ press conference, it is unlikely that he is going to say anything that would be off script or not Barr approved. It won’t be surprising if this is about Mueller explaining why he doesn’t want to testify publicly.

Democrats not knowing in advance about Mueller speaking at DOJ is an ominous sign for what the special counsel is about to tell the entire country.

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