Nancy Pelosi Wants An Ironclad Case For Trump Impeachment

Speaker Pelosi said that she wants an ironclad case for Trump impeachment that even Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans can’t deny.

Pelosi wants an ironclad case for Trump impeachment

Pelosi said while speaking in San Francisco:

This morning we heard a patriotic American make his presentation. I have the deepest respect for special counsel — well former special counsel Mueller and what he had to say. He indicated if he saw any evidence that the president was innocent, he would have let us know. If he had any evidence that the president was not guilty, he would have let us know, but he didn’t. I think that was very, very important. I have the deepest respect for him and thank him and his team for the presentation of facts that will further lead us to help us in the Congress, in the courts. This is a very valuable contribution. I’m gravely disappointed in the justice department for their attitude, misrepresentation of the Mueller report to begin with. They are hiding behind something that you could never find in the constitution that the president is above the law and their misrepresentations even under oath by the attorney general to the Congress of the United States.

We will continue on our path which was led by our six chairmen. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters. All of them have a piece of this. Last week we had three victories in the courts. One Elijah Cummings, the president’s accountant, they have to share the information. Two Maxine Waters which is they have to share the information and three not related to the Russian investigation or related to other problems we have with the president and his view of the Constitution. The court said that he can’t use Defense Department money to build his wall.

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Where they will lead us, we shape see — Shall see. Nothing is off the table, but we do want to make a compelling case, such an ironclad case, that even the Republican Senate which seems to be not an objective jury will be convinced of the path that we have to take as a country.


Speaker Pelosi made her rationale for going slowly into impeachment very clear. She isn’t afraid of impeaching Trump, but she clearly wants to avoid the mistakes that Republicans made in the Clinton impeachment. The investigations make sense when viewed from the perspective that Democrats are trying to make two cases. They are investigating to build the case for starting an impeachment proceeding, and the second case will be impeachment itself.

Pelosi has set a high bar for the impeachment case, and if House Democrats get there, it will mean that they have a compelling case to deliver to the American people on Trump impeachment.

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