Pete Buttigieg Calls Mueller Press Conference Basically An Impeachment Referral

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said that Mueller’s press conference was as close to an impeachment referral as you can get.

Buttigieg told NBC News, “The message really is over to you, Congress. Look, a lot of people were waiting to see if Mueller would charge the president. What he reminded everyone, he is part of the doj that says you can’t. So his option wasn’t charge or don’t charge. It was clear or are don’t clear the president. And he made a decision to not clear the president based on the evidence he gathered. He made clear that the procedures in the DOJ won’t be enough to establish accountability, but procedures do exist for a sitting president to be held accountable. And if the justice department can’t charge a sitting president with an actual crime, then it goes over to Congress to decide whether on charge the president with a high crime. This is as close to impeachment referral as you could get under the circumstances.”


Buttigieg was right. Mueller laid out his rationale for why he couldn’t indict Trump, and why he didn’t clear Trump. Robert Mueller essentially told Congress that everything that they need to follow the impeachment path is already in his report.

Mueller laid it out. Trump wasn’t exonerated on collusion and obstruction of justice, and now it is up to Congress to do what he couldn’t and pursue justice against Donald Trump.

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