Sarah Sanders Yells At Reporters Who Ask About Trump Not Protecting Elections

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders could only yell at reporters as they asked why Trump said anything about protecting elections.

Here was part of the exchange:

Q: Why haven’t we heard anything from President Trump himself?

Sanders: He literally has his entire team who is working on this process.

Q: What about from him?

Sanders: That is his staff. He instructed the team to go out and lay out what we’re doing to protect from any interference from any government. He said it a number of times that there was interference and now we’re taking steps on how we stop it from happening again.


The facts are that Trump has done nothing to protect elections. Homeland Security is trying to protect the 2020 election without telling Trump because election security talk upsets him. Trump has spent years denying that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Trump has done nothing to protect elections, and he has done everything possible to undermine election security.

Sarah Sanders can’t defend Trump, so her only answer is to yell at reporters and hope that they stop asking the question.

The White House is trapped, and they have no answer for what is turning out to be a devastating press conference from Robert Mueller.

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