Andrew McCabe Says Mueller Spoke Out Because Trump and Barr Misrepresented His Report

Andrew McCabe said that in his view Robert Mueller spoke out because he was concerned about the way that Trump and Barr distorted his report.

McCabe said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “You know my experience with Director Mueller is that he’s probably the last person on Earth that wants to engage in a tit for tat counterpoint with the Attorney General. The Attorney General who for this function was his boss and as we know is a personal friend. However, Director Mueller would not have come out and made the statement he made yesterday and would not have written the letter he sent to Attorney General Barr after completing the report if he wasn’t concerned the way his results of his team had been misrepresented by the Attorney General’s original comments. This was Bob Mueller’s way of very clearly underlining what he thought the most important aspects of the work were and I think this is the statement that Americans should focus on.”


Mueller’s statement was clearly intended to knock down the false claims by Barr and Trump about his findings. Mueller took on Trump’s claim of no collusion no obstruction. He debunked Barr’s exoneration of Trump on obstruction of justice. He discussed why he couldn’t indict Trump and tried to turn the country’s attention back to the Russian threat to our elections.

Trump and Barr lied about Mueller’s findings, so the special counsel set the record straight, which is a perfect example of how Donald Trump’s lies are prolonging a scandal that Republicans are trying to make go away.

Andrew McCabe Mueller
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