Trump Proves His Illegitimacy By Admitting Russia Helped Get Him Elected

Trump admitted for the first time that the Russias helped him get elected in 2016, but he claims that there was no crime.

Trump admits that Russia interfered to help him win

Trump tweeted:

The claim that Mueller didn’t find obstruction is a flat-out lie. Mueller made it clear during his statement to the press that the only reason Trump wasn’t charged with a crime was that couldn’t indict a sitting president.

Trump’s admission means that he is an illegitimate president

Never in American history has a foreign government interfered in a presidential election to help elect their preferred candidate. Trump is admitting that his election was the will of Putin, not the will of the people. It also explains why his administration and party refuse to support any election security legislation. Trump knows that he can’t win without Putin’s help, so he is rationalizing the attack on his country as no crime, no foul.

Donald Trump has never had an approval rating above 50% in an independent poll. Trump has never been popular or accepted by a majority of the country because the nation can sense his illegitimacy.

As he tried to defend himself from the Mueller facts, Trump gave voters everything that they need to vote him out of office in 2020.

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