Pete Buttigieg Slams Fragile Ego Trump And White House For Hiding USS McCain

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg called Trump’s ego and fragile and White House priorities out of whack after they hid the USS McCain from Trump.

Buttigieg said, “It sends the message that once again our troops are going to be treated as props. We’re talking about an active duty United States military asset, a naval vessel, and the sailors who serve on it, and to hold it against them. For the White House to believe the president’s ego is so fragile that for his protection — for his emotional protection — they have to basically mask the fact that [USS McCain] is in service shows you just how far out of whack the priorities of this White House are. It’s also upsetting that troops were reportedly turned away if they served on board the McCain. It just puts a lie to the idea serve our troops, if support out troops comes with an asterisk that says you don’t support them if they are serving on a vessel that named after a war hero who service is as a reminder of your own embarrassing failure to rise to this country’s call for service.”


Having served his country, Pete Buttigieg is one of the Democratic candidates who can speak with authority on the duty of service and the embarrassment of having a president who used his family’s wealth to dodge military service. Pete Buttigieg is a strong voice who is lending credibility to an important criticism of Donald Trump. This president doesn’t love the troops. He doesn’t respect their service.

Trump views the men and women who serve our country as a set for a special episode of his White House reality show.

Donald Trump and his White House are an embarrassment to the troops and to the entire nation.

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