Even The Queen Can’t Hide Her Distaste For Trump In Britain

One side by side comparison of Queen Elizabeth with Barack Obama and the Queen with Trump shows that even she can’t hide her distaste for Trump.

The Queen Can’t Hide Her Real Feelings About Trump

The British have rolled out the Royals and are trying to keep a stiff upper lip, but look at this side by side comparison:

The Queen looks miserable standing next to dour Trump:

Trump is pretending that no one in London is protesting him and that everything is rainbows and puppies with the Royals, but the pictures don’t lie. Even the Queen who has been putting on a public face for her entire life can’t help but let a little of her real feelings leak out. She was all smiles when she was getting her picture taken with Obama, and she looks like she is engaging in a most unpleasant chore while standing next to Trump.

No one can really blame the Queen, as Trump has the personality of an infected wisdom tooth, and he is about as much fun to be around as hitting yourself in the thumb with a hammer.

Trump thinks everything is going great, but these pictures show the truth, and that was before Trump fell asleep on the Queen.

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