Pete Buttigieg Trump tariffs

Pete Buttigieg Destroys Trump’s Tariffs And Showed Farmers Why They Should Support Democrats

Pete Buttigieg destroyed Trump’s tariff tax at a Hardball townhall and showed farmers why they should support Democrats.

Pete Buttigieg destroyed Trump’s tariffs

Buttigieg said:

The San Joaquin Valley helps feed not just America, but the world. The products that are grown here are world-class and yet what we’re finding is because of a short-sighted, I can’t even call it a strategy, I can’t even call it a policy, it’s a pattern, it’s a pattern of poking people in the eye to see what will happen. But when you don’t have — look — I completely get the idea if China is doing something unfair, I get the idea of standing up to them. If there are trade deals that are not benefitting us enough, I get the idea of adjusting them to make sure that it’s fairer trade, but that’s not what we’re seeing right now. What we’re seeing right now is basically politically motivated gamesmanship and it’s coming down on your back.

It’s hurting farmers. It’s hurting workers. It’s hurting consumers. I wonder how many consumers are aware that that the projection is we all on average will pay 800 bucks more a year starting now because of these tariffs, and by the way, a tariff is a tax, so if you ever believe the Republicans don’t raise taxes, that’s what they’re doing right now.


China isn’t paying the tariffs. Mexico won’t pay the tariffs. The tariffs are being paid for by US businesses and consumers. The tariffs are also crippling farmers and putting them out of business because they can’t sell their goods overseas due to retaliatory tariffs.

Democrats get it.

Donald Trump doesn’t care.

If farmers want the trade war to end, all they have to do is vote for the Democratic nominee for president next November. Farmers helped to create this Trump mess in 2016. They can be part of the solution in 2020.

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