Trump falls asleep on Queen

Trump Falls Asleep On Queen Elizabeth And Humiliates America

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:29 am

Donald Trump was captured on video falling asleep while the Queen delivered her banquet speech in honor of the US/British relationship.

Video of Trump catching a nap while the Queen spoke:

There is literally no presidential situation that Donald Trump can’t screw up. It is especially ironic that the president fell asleep on the Queen after he claimed that Hillary Clinton was “too low energy” to be president, and he spends half of his time on Twitter trying to make “Sleepy” Joe Biden a thing.

Trump is the low energy president who doesn’t start work before 11 AM and requires lots of “executive time” where he tweets, watches TV and talks to his friends. The latest leak of his private schedule revealed a president who spends most of his time doing nothing.

Donald Trump is so low energy that he can’t even stay awake in front of the Queen of England.

The British government has rolled out the red carpet for Trump, and the president embarrasses his country by not being able to stay awake while the Queen is speaking.

Trump has a history of “senior moments” where he aimlessly wanders off during his overseas trips, but this is the first that he has been caught nodding and incapable of fulfilling even the simplest presidential function.

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