Trump Falsely Claims No One In London Is Protesting Him

Trump took his “rest break” and used the time to falsely claim that there are no protests of him going on in London.

Trump thinks no one in London is protesting him

Trump tweeted:

Here is a video of people in London protesting Trump

As you can see in the video above, not only are people protesting Trump, but they are hanging giant banners in opposition to Trump.

Fox News is claiming that the people who look like protesters are actually Trump supporters.
The narrative that the right is trying to establish is that Britain loves Trump.

The reality is that the British people are putting up with Trump being in their country, but they are clearly sending him a message while hoping that he leaves as soon as possible.

The bulk of the protests are scheduled for tomorrow, so if Trump didn’t see them today, he is certain to get an eyeful of reality tomorrow.

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