Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Gets Booed Out Of The UK By British Protesters

British protesters booed Ivanka Trump as Fox News claimed that the boos weren’t really for the president’s daughter.

Ivanka Trump gets booed by British protesters

Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade noted the booing and said, “It’s not for Ivanka. It’s for John Bolton, and he loves it.”


On Monday, Fox News claimed that the people who were protesting Trump were actually British Trump supporters. There is no low that Fox News won’t go to to protect and build the myth of Trump’s popularity. The British were not booing John Bolton. The odds are many of the people who were protesting had no idea who John Bolton was.

The protesters were booing Ivanka Trump, who long ago lost her false veneer of moderation. People around the world realize that Ivanka Trump is a fraud. All of her talk of caring and moderation is branding. Ivanka Trump is the same as her father.

No one is being fooled, which is why the British protesters booed Ivanka Trump.

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