Trump Humiliates Himself By Appearing Not To Know What Brexit Is


A joint press conference with Prime Minister May, Trump claimed to understand Brexit well but then appeared to have no idea what it is.

Trump doesn’t know what Brexit is

Trump said, “Well, I don’t like to take positions in things that I’m not really — I understand the issue very well. I really predicted what was going to happen. Some of you remember that prediction. It was a strong prediction, made at a certain location on a development we were opening the day before it happened. And I thought it was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else, but probably it happens for a lot of reasons.”



Trump didn’t predict Brexit

It appeared that Trump was about to say that he didn’t want to take a position because he didn’t understand the issue, but he caught himself and claimed that he understood the issue “very well,” which in Trump speak means that he has no clue, but he thinks he’s right. After that, it was time for the usual false claim of accuracy. Trump never predicted Brexit. The remarks that he claimed to have made never happened.

Many journalists are reporting what Trump said without examining what he is saying. Read and listen to the emptiness of Trump’s answer. The president is using empty words before going off on some false tangent about a prediction that never happened.

Trump is making it up.

The President Of The United States knows less than nothing, and this press conference is exposing him and demonstrating why does hold solo press conferences in the US.

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