Trump’s Mental Health Questioned After He Claims Thousands Are Cheering Him In London

Questions are growing about Trump’s mental health after he claimed that thousands of people are cheering for him in London.

Trump said, “There were thousands of people on the streets cheering. Even coming over today, there were thousands of people cheering. Then I heard there were protesters. I said where are the protesters.”


NBC News’s Richard Engel reporting the troubling aspect of Trump’s comments:

So, there’s something deeply disturbing about President Trump claiming that he saw thousands of people here who were celebrating him and welcoming his arrival. He went by helicopter from Winfield House, which is not very far. It’s a few minute journey to Buckingham Palace and moving around downtown. Downtown London today meeting with Teresa May. Meeting with British leaders. There weren’t thousands of people out there greeting him. There were several thousands of protesters.

The protests weren’t as big as they were a year ago. Some people thought would be a hundred thousands. It was no near that number. Perhaps it’s the bad weather. For whatever reason, there were thousands of people. They were protesting and not celebrating. The fact he saw that, is it that he really believed it. Did he see the people and was told, those people down below you are here to welcome you and celebrate you and they love you in this town or is he trying to convince the world that he got this hero’s reception in the United Kingdom which he clearly did not? The fact that he can say these kinds of things with a straight face when they are so contradictory to the facts that lots and lots of journalists saw for himself is troubling.


Fox News has been spinning the propaganda that the protesters are Trump supporters and that people really aren’t booing the Trumps, but for the president to stand in front of the world and tell such a lie is beyond comprehension for reporters who might not witness Trump’s level of self-delusion on a daily basis. Trump’s comments weren’t part of some master plan to spin the narrative. He really believes that people are lining the streets to love him. Just as he believes that he is America’s favorite president, and his economy is the best of all time.

Trump doesn’t live in reality, and reporters and Americans need to question his mental state instead of regarding comments like this one as the status quo.

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