As UK Trip Bombs, Trump Tantrums Over His Bad Polls

Trump claimed that if it wasn’t for Democrats and the media he would be leading in all of the 2020 polls by 15 to 25 points.

Trump tweeted:

Trump offered up a classic spin on that old Trump chestnut the polls are rigged. Donald Trump has never had a 50% approval rating. He didn’t reach 50% approval with all voters as a candidate. He still hasn’t reached that level as president. Trump’s polls have been remarkably consistent and flat. His support never goes far beyond his base.

The American people don’t feel the impact of the Trump economy. Many are struggling more than ever.

Trump always has an excuse. The bad numbers are someone else’s fault. Trump never takes responsibility. The truth is that most Americans don’t like Donald Trump. They don’t approve of the job he is doing, and they plan to vote against him in 2020.

The president can try to blame the press or Democrats, but the real problem is Donald Trump.

Trump’s UK trip has bombed. He hasn’t gotten the good publicity and love that he craves. The protesters have gotten under his skin, and he can’t escape the reality that he is a failed president.

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