MSNBC Guest: Trump Can’t Behave Himself On D-Day Because He’s A Draft Dodging Coward


Professor Eddie Glaude said that Trump couldn’t act appropriately on D-Day because he is a draft dodger and a coward who does not know how to behave in these circumstances.

Glaude said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “The other thing I would say is he doesn’t have a visceral knowledge of how to behave under such circumstances, because he’s a draft dodger. This is a guy who refused to serve. He didn’t refuse to serve out of a principle, because of a principle reason for resisting Vietnam. He had bone spurs. He resisted because he was a coward. So the idea that he could then pass judgment against Robert Mueller, whatever you think about it, makes no sense to me. It is actually — it reveals how he stands in contradiction at every turn, it seems to me.”



Trump’s attack on Mueller and Pelosi at the US cemetery in Normandy is what happens when a narcissist president, who has no idea what it means to sacrifice is sent to a solemn occasion when the world is watching. Sure, Trump can say the speech that somebody else wrote for him, but he will negate that by going on Fox News and trashing war hero Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump hates the military. He had it written in his prenup that he would stop paying child support if his daughter Tiffany joined the military. Trump thinks that he was smart for dodging Vietnam. He looks at those crosses in Normandy and sees a bunch of stupid young men who weren’t as smart as he is.

Trump can’t judge Mueller because he is a draft dodger. The president hates Mueller for the same reason that he hates John McCain. Their heroism reminds him that he will always be a coward who refused to serve.

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