Trump Would Get Blown Out By Joe Biden If The Election Were Held Today

A new poll shows that if the election were held today, former vice president Joe Biden would blow out Donald Trump by double digits.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos survey released on Thursday, Biden is cleaning the president’s clock, beating him by a whopping 13-point margin nationally.

Biden isn’t the only candidate with a lead over Trump. Four other potential Democratic nominees listed in the survey bested Trump as well, but not by double digits.

The complete breakdown:

Biden is winning just about everywhere right now

All polls conducted this early in the campaign season should be taken with a giant bowl of salt, as the 2016 election showed us, but it’s noteworthy that Biden is beating Trump practically everywhere – and this is before Democratic primary voters have united around a single nominee.

A recent poll of Michigan – a midwestern state crucial to Trump’s reelection campaign – shows Biden blowing out the president by 12 percentage points. The poll also shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading Trump by the same margin.

A new poll of Texas – yes, Texas – shows Biden leading Trump by four percentage points. He’s the only Democratic candidate to have a lead over Trump in the Lonestar State. It’s one poll, but it’s not a good sign for Trump elsewhere if historically-red Texas is competitive next year.

Another survey conducted by Emerson – which, in the spirit of full disclosure, some experts say is a questionable pollster – shows Biden leading Trump by 12 points in North Carolina, another state the president carried in 2016.

An earlier poll released in May shows Biden ahead by double digits in another key state – Pennsylvania – as white voters flee Trump.

Again, a month – let alone over a year – is a lifetime in politics. These numbers can and will shift around as more people become engaged in the 2020 campaign. It also remains to be seen whether Biden will be the last Democrat standing after a hotly contested primary campaign.

But – at least right now – polling seems to back up one of the former vice president’s strongest arguments for primary voters: that he is the candidate best positioned to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

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