Schumer Mocks Trump For Claiming Immigration Is Solved With Fake Mexico Deal

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) mocked Trump’s big talk on his Mexico deal that doesn’t do anything.

Schumer tweeted:

Trump’s Deal With Mexico Is Empty Words

A reading of the “deal” reveals no specifics. Nothing has changed in Mexico’s approach to handling migration. The language is a vague set of promises to do better. It is nothing. The “deal” looks just like “deal” that Trump thought he had to denuclearize North Korea. Trump needed to get out of his tariff threat because Senate Republicans and the business community were about to break with him.

As has become the norm with this administration, Trump needed a way to look like he was winning while backing down.

Sen. Schumer was right. If Trump has solved the immigration issue with his “deal,” we shouldn’t need his wall or have to hear him ranting and raving daily about immigration. The deal is a con, so be prepared for Trump to spend the rest of his presidency trying to divide America on immigration.

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