Trump Fumes And Demands His Own National Holiday

Trump suggested that if Obama had done what he claims to have done, a national holiday would be declared in his honor.

Trump tweeted:

The national holiday celebrating Trump is something that is obviously on the president’s mind. On D-Day, RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel suggested that D-Day was actually a day to celebrate Donald Trump and his accomplishments and that the press should be grateful that Trump was president. The national holiday in Trump’s honor is an idea that didn’t come out of thin air. Trump is already planning on hijacking the national 4th of July celebration and turning it into a party in his honor.

Trump isn’t getting “credit,” because he hasn’t accomplished anything. The economy is slowing down. His legislative accomplishments are limited to a tax cut for the rich that the American people despise. His trade war his harming US businesses, farmers, and raising taxes on the American people.

Donald Trump suffers from a gigantic Obama inferiority complex. Trump doesn’t do the job of a president, which is why he is not racking up accomplishments. Trump wants to be better than Obama, but he doesn’t want to do the work to be an effective president. Trump wants the reward without the effort, and his complaining is a reflection who has lived his entire entitled life being handed everything and being told that he earned it.

Trump’s presidency will not be remembered fondly, and most Americans will treat the day he leaves office as a holiday.

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