Protesters Call Trump A Lazy Traitor After He Spends Sunday Golfing

After spending a day of his presidency golfing for the 196th time, Donald Trump greeted by protesters who called him lazy, a traitor, and called for his impeachment.

Protesters Call Trump Laxy and a Traitor

According to the White House press pool report provided to PoliticusUSA:

At 2:24 p.m., the pool has rejoined the larger presidential motorcade and we are rolling.

Seven protesters were outside the golf course entrance with signs saying “traitor,” “lazy” and “impeach.”

On Saturday, Trump made his 195th visit to a golf course as president. All but two of those visits have been to Trump owned golf courses. According to Trump Golf Count, the president’s trips to his golf courses have cost taxpayers an estimated $100 million. Trump has gone golfing once every 4.8 days during his presidency.

The protesters were correct there is documented evidence to Trump’s laziness in his private schedule.
Trump doesn’t begin his workday until 11 AM. A long day for him is working until 6 PM, but on most days Trump is finished by 4. The White House builds in lots of time for Trump to tweet and watch Fox News during the day that even during his scheduled work hours, Trump isn’t really working.

It isn’t just that Trump won the White House with help from Russia, but also that after cheating his way to the presidency, Donald Trump is doing not with his time outside of robbing the taxpayers blind.

Trump can’t hide. The protesters are waiting for him even at his own golf club to let him know that most Americans think that he is a failed lazy loser president.

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