Donny Deutsch Gives Trump A Giant Thank You For Boosting His Show’s Ratings

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch took to the airwaves on Monday to thank Donald Trump for throwing a temper tantrum this past weekend, calling it “the best thing” Trump could do to boost his new weekend show.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Deutsch said, “Tweeting about it is the best thing he could do for me.”

“He knows how good it is for me,” the host of ‘Saturday Night Politics’ said.


Deutsch said:

By the way, tweeting about it is the best thing he could do for me. I was surprised. I never thought he would reach out to me because he knows how good it is for me and he dislikes me that much. … It doesn’t make sense, he’s got that 40% — what I cannot understand from the day he won the election. If he just did a little pivot he would have 55%. It’s almost sick that he wouldn’t do that.

Trump recently directed a pair of tweets at the MSNBC host, calling him a “disaster” and a “total loser” a month after Deutsch’s new show debuted.

Donald Trump is only helping one of his topic critics

Since the GOP primary season in 2016, Donny Deutsch has been one of Trump’s most outspoken critics on cable news. In recent weeks, the MSNBC host has issued chilling warnings about what Trump will do if he loses in 2020, and he has urged Trump supporters to wake up.

Earlier this year, when the president had the nerve to criticize Rep. Adam Schiff’s appearance, Deutsch went on television and said Trump is the last person who should be commenting on someone else’s looks.

“He’s just disgusting to look at. He’s obese,” he said at the time. “I wish we could put up that picture of him from behind, playing tennis or playing golf. He’s one of the repulsive physically-looking humans I’ve ever seen.”

By throwing a temper tantrum on Twitter about Donny Deutsch, Donald Trump is only giving more credibility to his criticisms and likely boosting Deutsch’s ratings.

Trump may think that hitting back every time he is criticized is the best strategy, but it only proves that when his critics call him an unstable child, they are right.

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