Kamala Harris Accuses Trump Of Trying To Steal Barack Obama’s Identity


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) laid out all of the ways that Trump has defrauded Americans, including trying to steal Obama’s identity.

Kamala Harris laid out Trump’s acts of fraud

The Democratic presidential candidate said:


He promised the American people that he would take care of DREAMers and he would farmers and lift up working people. What did we get instead? We got a president of the United States who made a whole lot of promises and betrayed the American people. What did we get? A lot of broken promises. So we need to prosecute the case. And I’m gonna tell you: there is a rap sheet full evidence to make the case? Let’s look at what happened.

He promised healthcare and then he tried to rip healthcare aware from millions of people. What’s that called? Health care fraud.

He said he was for working people, then he passed a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the biggest corporations in this country. That’s tax fraud.

He believes the president of Russia and a North Korean dictator over the word of the American intelligence community. Securities fraud.

And then he claims to be the best president we’ve seen in a generation. Well, I say let’s call Barack Obama because that’s identity fraud.


Trump is obsessed with stealing Obama’s identity

Trump has tried to take credit for bills that Obama signed into law. Trump has declared himself America’s favorite president, and constantly complains that he doesn’t get as much credit as Obama.

Sen. Harris has found a unique niche in the campaign. She is promoting herself as the candidate who can prosecute the case against Trump. Harris is right. Trump is trying to steal Obama’s identity, but most Americans aren’t fooled. They know a con when they see it, and Donald Trump is no Barack Obama.

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