John Dean Smacks Down Matt Gaetz At Mueller Report Hearing

Things went very badly for Trump supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) when he tried to smear the credibility and motives of John Dean at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Mueller report.

Gaetz tried to claim that Dean has made a cottage industry out of comparing presidents to Nixon. Dean responded that he points out those presidents who act like Nixon.

Rep. Gaetz tried to get snarky and ask Dean how Democrats would pay for Medicare for All. Dean answered that Richard Nixon did have a healthcare plan, and at that moment the air went out of Rep. Gaetz.


Matt Gaetz is one of Trump’s biggest defenders in the House. He along with Rep. Jim Jordan is part of the Republican House cover-up operation for Trump. The problem is that just like Rep. Jordan Matt Gaetz does not appear to be terribly bright. Rep. Gaetz tried to play games with John Dean, and it did not go well.

The entire hearing has consisted of Democrats questioning expert witnesses about the Mueller report and obstruction of justice, while Republicans talk about anything other than the facts of the Mueller report. John Dean is at this hearing to provide insight into presidential obstruction of justice. Matt Gaetz tried to mock Dean, and the former White House counsel responded by making the congressman look like a clown.

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