Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself By Not Knowing That The Feds Are Already In Charge NYC Helicopter Crash Scene

Trump ran to Twitter to tweet his offer of assistance to NYC after a helicopter crash without knowing that by law the federal government is already in charge of the crash scene.

Trump tweeted:

Former NTSB board member John Goglia explained on MSNBC, “By law, the NTSB takes control of the accident site. And it’s considered to be an accident until the attorney general notifies the NTSB it’s a crime scene. So it’ll proceed as an accident until enough facts are discovered to change the status.”


The White House claimed that Trump was briefed on the helicopter crash landing, and by briefed the White House apparently means turned on the television and watched TV. Trump can’t play the big man for doing something that his administration is already required to do by law. The problem with a president who knows nothing and governs by tweet is that they speak without knowing what they are talking about almost all of their decisions are bad.

It is embarrassing to watch a President Of The United States put his ignorance on display on social media.

Trump is a desperate president who tried to generate some good media coverage and revealed his incompetence in the process.

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