Biden Shreds Trump For Questioning His Fitness To Be President: ‘Look At Him And Look At Me’

Donald Trump suggested on Tuesday that Joe Biden lacks the energy and fitness to be president of the United States, and the former vice president only needed seven words to dismantle that argument.

“Look at him and look at me,” Biden told reporters, brushing off Trump’s suggestion that he doesn’t have the stamina to be commander-in-chief.

Biden added, “You know it’s a ridiculous assertion on his part.”


Biden said:

Look at him and look at me and answer the question. … It’s self-evident. You know it’s a ridiculous assertion on his part. People have a right to question all of our ages. That’s a totally legitimate thing. All I can say is watch me.

Trump’s focus on fitness will backfire

Keep in mind, this is a president who spends the vast majority of his days in the White House watching cable news and tweeting about whatever his critics happen to be saying at any given moment.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote in April, the White House has “implemented a new system to keep Trump’s private schedule secret so that the American people can’t find out how little he works.”

Axios reported earlier this year that “around 60% of his scheduled time” is spent in what the White House calls “executive time,” which is code for watching cable news and throwing Twitter tantrums.

All of this goes without mentioning Trump’s actual physical fitness, which is clearly not the best. According to his most recent physical, he weighs 243 pounds,  which – as The New York Times notes – makes him “officially obese.”

Add that to the fact that Trump hasn’t set foot in the White House gym since taking office and refuses to stick to a healthy diet, and it’s clear who would win a fitness contest between him and Joe Biden.

As the former vice president said on Tuesday, it’s self-evident.

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