Joe Biden Turns MAGA Into A WMD Against Trump In Iowa

Biden turned Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan into Make America America Again during a speech in Iowa.

Joe Biden Exposes Make America Great Again

Biden said:

The presidency is not without limits. It’s not without limits. It’s a co-equal branch of the government. The Senate, the House, the Congress. As well as-as well as with courts. And folks, I’m not naive, you know, some say this is an old fashioned way of doing things.

Well, if it’s old fashioned way of doing things, we’re in real trouble. If the idea that the very thing that holds the biggest democracy in the world together as it has now for us, is old fashioned. Then I ask you, how did we last for all these years? Because of these documents we say we believe. We hold all these truths self-evident. No other country in the world is as unique as America. We’re unique in all history because of the nature of who we are and the system we created to engage everyone. And it’s being ripped. Look, I don’t think it’s naive or an old fashioned way of doing things that says the system has to be rest I think it’s time to — as he says let’s make America great again. Let’s make America America again.


Joe Biden has tapped into America’s feelings

What separates Joe Biden from the rest of the Democratic primary field is that he is taking on Trump, but that he is engaging this president on an emotional level. Biden is talking to America about the tone of the country under Trump. Biden’s argument is that Trump is un-American. Trump isn’t trying to make America great again. He is trying to undo America’s greatness by destroying the pillars of democracy.

The former vice president gets it, and he knows how to speak to the unease that Trump has caused.

MAGA has been turned against Trump and used as a reason to defeat this president.

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