Sarah Sanders Sent Reeling After John Dean’s Testimony Stings Trump

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on Fox and Friends to denounce John Dean’s testimony because Dean’s comparison of Trump to Nixon clearly hurt the White House.

The White House is upset over John Dean’s testimony

Sanders said, “Frankly, I was really just sad. I think that the display that Chairman Nadler and the path that he’s gone down is a true embarrassment to his committee, certainly to the country, and I think it’s a great disservice to the American people. They deserve far better than what they’re getting from Democrats in Congress. They don’t get to redo something, because they don’t like the results. They didn’t like the results of the election. Now they don’t like the results of the Mueller report, and they are simply trying to do it all over again. The thing they did yesterday with this dog and pony show trotting out Dean was frankly just a colossal embarrassment.”


By attacking Dean testimony, the White House is calling attention to it

Since the cable news networks chose to cover a helicopter crash instead of the hearing, you can watch Dean’s full testimony below:

Trump sent Sarah Sanders out to Fox News because he is upset at being called a criminal and compared to Nixon. The Republican talking point is that Dean’s testimony was an embarrassment, but Sanders and Trump are elevating testimony that wasn’t live on television by attacking it. The hearing clearly rattled the White House. They don’t want the public at large to connect to dots and equate Trump with Nixon.

Judging from the reactions coming out of the administration and Republicans, Dean’s testimony was a rousing success, and if they couldn’t handle what Dean had to say, they are going to fall apart when the direct witnesses to obstruction of justice testify.

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