Baby Trump Blimp To Crash Trump’s 4th of July Propaganda Party

Protesters are trying to get a permit from the National Park Service to fly the Baby Trump blimp over the president’s propaganda 4th of July event.

Baby Trump is coming for the 4th of July

The Washington Post reported:

When President Trump ascends the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to address the nation on Independence Day, a group of activists want him to see the scowling, splotchy face of a giant orange baby floating above the crowd.

The blimp known as “Baby Trump,” which has appeared at protests during the president’s visits to London, might be on its way to Washington for the July 4 festivities.

On Monday, activist group Code Pink became the first organization to request a protest permit from the National Park Service ahead of Trump’s planned overhaul of the city’s premier Fourth of July celebration. But organizers hope the screaming-baby balloon will be a sign of what’s to come that day: protests, and more of them.

Trump is trying to hijack the 4th of July, but protesters are fighting back

Local officials are concerned about what Trump’s plan to turn the 4th of July into a celebration of himself will do to the city. National officials are worried that Trump is taking what was a nonpartisan celebration and turning into a political rally for himself.

Trump has made it clear that he wants a national holiday in his honor. The president can’t get the military parade that he wanted, so he is trying to take over the 4th of July and make it his national holiday.

Protesters are organizing and fighting back. If Trump wants to turn the nation’s birthday into a holiday for himself, the majority that opposes this president is going to be there to show him how the nation really feels.

There is no more fitting statement of protest than Baby Trump flying overhead as the president pouts and addresses the crowd below.

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