Kellyanne Conway’s MSNBC Interview Was A Total Disaster For Trump

Kellyanne Conway made a rare appearance on MSNBC where she couldn’t spin all of the bad news surrounding this president.

Kellyanne Conway couldn’t spin away Trump’s problems

Conway couldn’t spin away Trump’s bad internal poll numbers:

Q: Kellyanne, we know the president is focused on the he was tweeting about it today. He says these are the best numbers we have ever had. We have folks who are familiar with these internal polls that he’s citing who say that’s just not the case that there is concern about internal polling. Is there?”

Conway: The president will continue to press his message across this country. He’s going to return to the states where he won.

Q: Is that a yes?

Conway: It’s not a yes. When the president said we have some of the best numbers we ever had. He means among Republicans and he also means among some of the individuals who voted for him last time. I saw lots of reports where people are trying to say, oh, our union members upset with him and manufacturers and rural America and yet they’re sticking with him in many of these polls. Also when the president says he had the best numbers ever, he is talking about the growth numbers and the optimism numbers. They did not have unemployment under 4% and growth at or above 4%. Those are the important numbers.

Conway also attacked MSNBC, and kept repeating the do over the Trump has decided will be his answer to the Democratic investigations.


Kellyanne Conway’s MSNBC Interview Was A Disaster

Kellyanne Conway has become less effective at defending Trump. One of the main reasons why is because many reporters have caught on to her tactic of changing the subject, attacking the media outlet that the reporter represents, and talking over the questioner.

Conway tried this move on MSNBC and she failed.

Instead of making the case for Trump, Kellyanne Conway showed why the Trump presidency is a sinking ship. She never addressed the internal polls. She danced around them and tried to change the subject, but her response was an indication that even the White House’s own numbers reveal that Donald Trump is in trouble. It would be good to see more Trump officials appear on MSNBC, but after Kellyanne Conway faceplanted, the odds are slim that this White House will venture again on to MSNBC.

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