Trump Blows A Gasket After Reporters Refuse To Believe His Lies

Trump blew up a reporter who asked if he would have people in the room when he meets with Putin at the G-20 and whined that the media doesn’t trust anything he says.

Trump threw a fit because the press won’t take his word for it

Trump said, “You people are so untrusting. Would you like to be in the room? Would you like to be? I can imagine you would be. I think it’s probably easier to have people in the room. Because you people don’t trust anything.”


Trump has told nearly 11,000 lies as president

Over the course of his presidency, Trump has told nearly 11,000 lies.

It is not the job of the press to take any president’s word for it, much less a president who lied to them nearly 15 times a day. Trump tells lies almost every single day. Only a fool would take Trump’s word for it on anything.

As a matter of national security, Donald Trump should not be meeting with Putin or anyone else. The president shouldn’t be holding secret meetings with hostile foreign leaders and hiding the details from the United States government.

The free press doesn’t exist to be Trump’s publicity service, and the press would be harming the country if they trusted Donald Trump.

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