Democrat Erupts At Barr/Ross Contempt Hearing And Accuses Trump Of Giving The Middle Finger To Congress

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Trump had given Congress the middle finger during the William Barr/Wilbur Ross contempt hearing in the House Oversight Committee.

Trump is giving Congress the middle finger

Reo. Raskin said, “I’m from Maryland. I know Rep. Cummings. Chairman Cummings is known as the gentleman of our state. He has done everything in his power to bring the Secretary of Commerce in and to give him every opportunity, and all we get from the administration is a middle finger, and that’s not appropriate for the chairman of this committee, and that is not appropriate for the power of Congress, so we’re going to vindicate Article I.”


The Barr/Ross contempt hearing is contentious

As the Barr-Ross contempt hearing was unfolding, Trump asserted executive privilege over the documents that Congress has requested related to the Census citizenship question. Barr and Ross are facing being held in contempt by the House because they have refused to turn over documents that have been requested by Congress related to the administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the census.

The Supreme Court is going to rule on the Census citizenship question, but that won’t stop Congress from investigating or get the Trump administration off the hook.

The House has had enough of Trump’s stonewalling. Their frustration is growing. Rep. Raskin is pro-impeachment, and he is battling to reassert the authority of the House to conduct oversight over a lawless president.

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