Chris Hayes Crushes The Laughable Myth That Trump Is An ‘America First’ President

Donald Trump frequently claims that his presidency is focused on an “America First” agenda, but his comments this week about welcoming foreign interference in our elections should – once and for all – show how ludicrous that phrase is when attached to this president.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes reminded viewers that while Russia helped Trump get elected in 2016, this president has a whole host of foreign conflicts that should concern Americans – particularly after Trump invited more election meddling this week.


“If you think for a second it’s just going to be the Russians, you forget who else Trump has been hanging out with,” the MSNBC host said. “He has quite publicly … put an ‘Open for Business’ sign on the front door of the White House.”



Chris Hayes said:

Trump is actively inviting foreign intervention into America’s elections, and if you think for a second it’s just going to be the Russians, you forget who else Trump has been hanging out with. We know that an Israeli security firm tried to dig up dirt on former Obama officials to undermine the Iran deal. A private investigation by Amazon CEO and Trump nemesis Jeff Bezos found that Saudi Arabia obtained compromising pictures to share with the parent company of the National Enquirer. And what was the original high-profile hack used for geopolitical purposes? North Korea’s hack of Sony. Do you think Kim Jong Un is above lending a hand to an American president who meets with him and praises him and talks about how much he loves him and then lets him keep his nukes? At nearly every turn, the so-called America First president has worked to benefit foreign interests. He has been surrounded by people who are secretly on the payroll of foreign interests sometimes. He has undisclosed business interests around the world that we really don’t know anything about. And now he has quite publicly, in front of us, in a Russia-if-you-are-listening style declaration, put an open for business sign on the front door of the White House.

It’s me first – not America first – for Trump

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that Donald Trump views everything through the lens of how he will benefit from it.


That’s why he has had nothing but praise for brutal dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. It doesn’t matter what threats they pose to the world or their own people – because one writes him love letters and the other helped him become president.

After a Washington Post journalist was brutally murdered by the Saudis, Trump didn’t express the outrage you would expect from a sitting American president. Instead, he helped lead the cover-up. I’m sure his and his family’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with that.

Time and again – from his career stiffing workers to his presidency selling out America – Donald Trump has shown that the only person he cares about is the one he sees when he looks in the mirror.

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