Fox News’s Napolitano Busts Trump For Election Interference Felony


Fox’s Judge Napolitano said that if Trump takes campaign help from a foreign government meddling in the presidential election, he will be committing a felony.

Fox News Tells Trump That Taking Election Help From A Foreign Government Is A Felony




Since Trump took aid from the Russians in 2016, he committed a felony. Trump was able to evade Mueller because the special counsel couldn’t find the direct evidence needed to prove a conspiracy, and a sitting president can’t be charged. Trump’s comments on Wednesday about being fine with taking election help from a foreign government and not telling the FBI show that the president is planning on committing more felonies in 2020.

Even Fox News is telling Trump that what he is planning on doing is against the law.

Campaign help from a foreign government is not opposition research. It is a crime, and even some Fox News employees won’t defend these felonies.

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