Nicolle Wallace Speaks For America, “I Will Not Miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace summed up the national mood over Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaving the White House by saying that she would not miss Sanders.

Nicolle Wallace Says She Will Not Miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House, “One of the things in the Mueller report she indicated when she was interviewed that she made up from whole cloth the smears against Jim Comey. I think you were asked these questions in front of confidence, he lost the support of the building. I remember when she said it from the podium, I talk to lots of FBI agents, there’s no reason why any political appointee should talk to FBI agents. And I remember hearing it thinking it’s bizarre. But part of the legacy will be that she lied from the white house podium about the reputation of Jim Comey and had to confess to those lies in the Mueller report.”

After Andrew McCabe said that he would not miss her, Wallace added, “We were the first hour to ban her tape. And so I literally and figuratively will not miss her either.”


The majority of the country agrees with Nicolle Wallace. They will not miss the way that Sanders lied from the podium to the American people. They will not miss the way that Sanders took the job of White House press secretary and turned it into the minister of propaganda. No one will miss the insults, put-downs, and lack of dignity that Sarah Sanders brought to her job, or her abuse of her governmental position to attack private citizens.

Sarah Sanders is finally going home, and America couldn’t be happier to see her go.

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