Rep. Eric Swalwell Calls For The Opening Of Trump Impeachment Inquiry

House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee member, and Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell has called for the opening of an impeachment investigation into Trump.

Eric Swalwell calls for Trump impeachment

The Democratic presidential candidate said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

President Trump’s admission yesterday that he would listen to and potentially take a foreign power’s offer of ‘dirt’ on a political opponent rather than report it to the FBI is a brazen disregard for our rule of law, a betrayal of our nation, and an invitation to our adversaries to attack us once again,” said Swalwell, a member of the House Judiciary Committee. “We must stop this lawless President from tearing down our democracy.

Impeachment is the most extraordinary remedy the Constitution affords Congress. As a former prosecutor, I do not take this lightly. But this President continues to put his own interests above America’s; he is lawless. His relentless attacks on our rule of law and numerous efforts to obstruct justice and Congress have reached such a point to require extraordinary action. It’s time for Congress to open an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Trump Admitted That He Is Going To Cheat In 2020

Rep. Swalwell is correct. Trump’s most recent comments about accepting foreign election interference have changed the impeachment discussion. Impeachment is becoming necessary to save democracy. It’s not about whether impeachment helps or hurts Trump in 2020. The president has admitted that he plans on engaging in treasonous behavior in an effort to win reelection. Trump is out to betray America again, and it is up to House Democrats to make that betrayal as painful as possible ahead of 2020.

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