‘Unthinkable’: Mitt Romney Trashes Trump For Welcoming More Election Interference In 2020


While the Republican Party has been Donald Trump’s lapdog for the past two years, happily turning the other way as he tramples on American values and institutions, his comments on foreign election interference seem to have struck a cord.

Former GOP presidential nominee and current Utah Sen. Mitt Romney called it “unthinkable” that Trump would willingly accept election help from a foreign government without notifying the FBI.

“It would strike at the heart of our democracy,” Romney said, adding that if he was approached by a foreign government during his campaigns, he “would’ve contacted the FBI immediately.”



Even South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham – who called Trump a “jackass” during the 2016 campaign but has since turned into one of his most loyal defenders – broke from the president.

“I believe that it should be practice for all public officials who are contacted by a foreign government with an offer of assistance to their campaign — either directly or indirectly — to inform the FBI and reject the offer,” he said in a tweet.

Fox News throws Trump under the bus

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote on Thursday, even members of Trump’s favorite cable propaganda outlet – Fox News – were quick to remind him that welcoming such election interference would be illegal.

“[H]e would be committing a felony and the person giving it to him, if the person was here, would be committing a felony as well,” Judge Andrew Napolitano said.

The Fox analyst said there is no “wiggle room” or “gray area” when it comes to accepting “dirt” from a foreign government. By doing it, he would be breaking the law.

Donald Trump has crossed every red line and crushed every democratic norm imaginable over the past two years, all while Fox News and just about every GOP lawmaker has given him cover.

The fact that Trump’s favorite propaganda network and most loyal Republican allies in Congress cannot defend his comments shows just how far the president went in his comments this week.

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