Rep. Ted Lieu Pulls The Ultimate Troll Job On Donald Trump

Rep. Lieu’s office posted a sign on their door warning foreign governments that if they try anything shady, Lieu will report them to the FBI.

Rep. Lieu tweeted the sign:

The sign on his office door reads, “WARNING IF you are a foreign power and try something shady, we will report you to the FBI.”

Trump gave a gift when he admitted that he would take help from a foreign government in the 2020 election. The president tried to walk it back on Fox and Friends, but he admitted that he would commit a felony by saying, “The president told Fox and Friends, “How are you going to know if it’s bad? Of course, you’d give it to the I don’t listen, you’re not going to know. Now, if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated, I’d report it to the attorney general, the FBI and I’d report it to law enforcement, absolutely.”

The clip of Trump admitting that he would happy to collude with any government should be featured in Democratic presidential campaign ads, and it was the sort of self-inflicted wound that Democrats can use to confirm to the American people that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.

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