Adam Schiff Lays Out How Trump Is Working For Russia

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) laid out how Trump is compromising America and working for Russia’s interests whether he knows it or not.

The US Government Has To Hide Actions From Trump

MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to switch gears to talk a little bit about Russia. There was this New York Times report, that I’m sure you saw, that the U.S. is stepping up cyber, I guess, offensive actions to shut down, potentially, Russian infrastructure if needed. Part of it is retaliation for attempts to interfere in elections including 2018 and now. Is the national security community responding in a stronger way to Russian interference than what we hear from President Trump, himself?

REP. SCHIFF: Certainly, I think the intelligence community is training its focus and resources on the Russian threat, even if the president isn’t. I can’t comment on whether the New York Times report is accurate or inaccurate. But certainly, we- we’ve had a heightened focus on Russian meddling in our elections. There have been persistent concerns about Russia and other nations preparing the battlefield in terms of our energy grid, and establishing a deterrent I think is very important. But that effort to establish a determined- deterrent is dramatically undercut when the president a month ago told Putin over the phone that he still thinks the Russian interference in our election was a hoax.

When the president says that he still is open to receiving foreign help and he may or may not call the FBI. What I found most disturbing about that New York Times story about whether we’re preparing the battlefield, in terms of the electrical grid in Russia, was the fact that the security officials with the administration felt they couldn’t tell this to the president because he might compromise that information in a conversation with the Russians, or he might countermand their orders, their military decisions because of the president’s obsequious attitude towards Russia.


The US government shouldn’t need to hide information from the president out of fear that he will compromise or countermand their operation. Rep. Schiff laid it out. The President Of The United States can’t be trusted to protect an operation against a hostile foreign power. Whether Trump is intentionally working with the Russians through an agreement or being used by the Russians because he is an idiot, the outcome is the same. Donald Trump is working to advance Russia’s interests.

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