Trump Ignores Father’s Day, As His Impeachment Obsession Grows

Donald Trump ignored Father’s Day but retweeted a Fox News segment where he was called the greatest president since Reagan.

Trump Thinks He’s Reagan

Trump tweeted:

Trump thinks that he’s Reagan, but Reagan fought the Russian. They back Trump. No one ever questioned Ronald Reagan’s patriotism. The question with Trump is whether he has any. All evidence suggests that he does not. Trump thinks that he is at the same level as Ronald Reagan when the Reagan administration governed. The Trump administration goes in circles based on the presidents. Any comparison of Trump to Reagan is an insult to Ronald Reagan.

Republican family values?

Trump also put the real family values of the Republican Party on full display by ignoring Father’s Day. Trump is only concerned with himself and impeachment. He doesn’t care about America’s families. The Republican Party spent decades building up a false image of conservative family values. Donald Trump has blown that up in less than three years in the White House. The only good thing about Trump’s presidency is that he is exposing the Republicans for the win at all costs frauds that they are.

“The party of family values” has a president with no values at all.

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