Trump Literally Ran Away When Pressed On Reading The Mueller Report

Trump changed the subject and got out of a car they were riding in when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pressed him on reading the Mueller report.

Trump runs away when asked if he read the Mueller report

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:
TRUMP: That is what they found. Excuse me. He found no collusion. And they didn’t find anything having to do with obstruction because they made a ruling based on his findings and they said no obstruction.

STEPHANOPOULOS: They didn’t examine collusion. He laid out evidence of obstruction.

TRUMP: Oh, are you trying to say now that there was collusion even though he said there was no collusion?

STEPHANOPOULOS: He didn’t say there’s no collusion.

TRUMP: He said no collusion.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He said he didn’t look at collusion.

TRUMP: George, the report said no collusion.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did you read the report?

TRUMP: Uh, yes I did, and you should read it, too.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I read every word.

TRUMP: Alright, let’s go. You should read it, too, George.


Trump didn’t read the Mueller report

Trump has no idea what is in the Mueller. He just knows what Barr and Fox News have told him. Trump doesn’t know what Mueller investigated, and when he was pushed on reading the report, he accused Stepanoupolous of not reading the report and changed the subject by getting out of the car that they were riding in. The exchange was classic Trump. The president told a lie, projected his behavior on to others, and then ran away when he got caught.

The United States doesn’t have a president. The country is being governed by a pathological liar who evades accountability like a toddler.

Trump didn’t read the report and ran away when his deception was exposed.

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