Democrats Have A Plan To Shatter Trump’s Investigation Obstruction

Instead of trying to go through Trump’s obstruction of their investigations, House Democrats are going to around him to get to witnesses.

Trump can’t assert executive privilege over people who never worked in the White House

According to Politico, “Key lawmakers tell POLITICO they hope to make an end run around Trump’s executive privilege assertions by expanding their circle of testimony targets to people outside government who nonetheless had starring roles in Robert Mueller’s final report. That includes presidential confidants like former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Other Russia-related figures who never served in Trump’s administration and would make for prime congressional witnesses include Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, the former top campaign officials who both pleaded guilty and faced extensive questioning by federal prosecutors working on the Mueller probe, as well as a former attorney for Michael Flynn who is cited in the special counsel’s report in an episode involving a dangled presidential pardon.”

Trump can’t claim executive privilege over communications with people who he talked to or interacted with before he was president. There is a long list of witnesses who could be called to provide information about the president who he can’t stop from testifying.

Democrats are tired of Trump stalling every single document and witness request. They have figured out a way around Donald Trump’s obstruction. Trump has already lost an effort to prevent his accountants from turning over his financial records. Trump can stop White House witnesses from testifying, but there is little that he can do to prevent anyone from speaking to Congress who did not work for or with him as president.

House Democrats aren’t letting up. One way or another, they will get the information that they need to move forward with the investigation of this president.

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