Fox News And Trump’s Campaign Are In A Panic Over Bad Polls

The sense of panic was audible as Trump’s campaign press secretary and Fox and Friends tried to downplay polls showing Trump losing.

Fox News and Trump’s campaign are in a panic over bad poll results

Here was the exchange between Kayleigh McEnany and Fox and Friends:

McEnany: Yes. Those numbers were accurate. But they were from three months ago. They were pre-muller report. The worst-case scenario and the most unfavorable turnout model.

Fox: So they weren’t fake news, they were old news.

McEnany: They were old news and the most unfavorable turnout model.


It is important to listen to the audio because you can detect an undertone of panic in the exchange. Fox News and Trump’s campaign press secretary are trying to make their own bad poll numbers go away. The Trump campaign wants the American people to believe that Trump’s poll numbers which haven’t moved since he became a candidate have done a complete reversal in three months. The Trump campaign claims that the leaked numbers are old, and they have new numbers that show Trump winning everywhere.

The campaign has refused to release these supposedly great numbers for Trump, probably because they don’t exist.

Trump is a president who has never had a 50% approval rating in any objective poll. One shouldn’t read too deeply into polls showing all Democrats beating Trump, because those numbers are more of a reflection of dissatisfaction with Trump than Democratic candidate strength, but Trump has had a clear and consistent Joe Biden problem. The former vice president cuts into Trump’s advantage with men in a way that other candidates don’t.

Trump’s campaign and his propaganda cable news network are trying to soothe the president and his supporters. This is an eternity until Election Day, but even Trump’s campaign seems to know that they are in trouble.

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