Voters In Pennsylvania Turn On Trump After He Disappoints Them

Voters in a part of Pennsylvania that have voted Republican for decades are saying that they want a change from Trump.

Franklin, PA is a part of the state’s red (T) that has been solidly Republican for decades, but NBC News found that support for Trump ahead of 2020 was mixed.

One voter said, “I think it was a complete aberration the last time, and I think he’s going to lose this thing, and some of those other states he won just because people were angry.”

Another voter praised Trump for doing a great job and making his 401(k) look good.

A third voter hit on argument against Trump that one often hears in the red part of the state, and it centers on disappointment and values, “I have spoken to people that are disappointed and have one set of values in mind, and they’ve seen those set of values not come to be. I think because of that. I think they are disappointed that their vote did not turn out the presidency that they wanted.”


The polls of Pennsylvania aren’t wrong. Joe Biden is very popular in the state, and he is popular with voters who have been turned off by Trump’s values, character, and presidency. Biden’s values match up more with many moderate Pennsylvania voters than Trump’s.

Disappointment and disgust over Trump’s behavior are common statements among Pennsylvania voters. Trump still has his base of solid red conservative support in the state, but those voters who voted for Obama, but voted for Trump in 2016 are moving away from Republicans and will be the key to returning Pennsylvania to the Democratic column in 2020.

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